Eyelashes & eyebrows styling: shop the best products


Eyebrow dye starter set

Affordable starter set with all you need to dye eyebrows.
€25,95 €19,95

Intensive Eyelash & Eyebrow Paint 20ml

Create a unique look with Intensive eyelash and eyebrow paint. Colours from Intensive give a more intense colour on the eyebrows compared to other brands of paint.


Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting Starter Set

Special set with all necessary items for tinting eyelashes & eyebrows.
€29,84 €22,95


Eyelash & Eyebrow Colour Natural Brown 15 gr (3)

Very dark and well-covering brown.
€5,95 €5,50


Eyebrow - Colouring & Styling Starter Set

Inexpensive professional set with everything you need to colour and style your eyebrows. Contains eyebrow colour and eyebrow styling tools.
€36,90 €29,99


Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Sensitive

RefectoCil Sensitive was developed with numerous plant-based colourants. The sublime mix of natural extracts makes RefectoCil Sensitive extremely gentle and therefore very suitable for sensitive skin and eyes.
€7,95 €6,50


Eyelash & Eyebrow Colour Light Brown 15 gr (3.1)

Ideal for light blonde to light brown hair.
€5,95 €5,50


Lash & Brow Booster 6ml

RefectoCil launches the 2 in 1 lash and eyebrow serum!
€64,95 €45,95

Antibacterial cotton epilator thread

Antibacterial epilator string for the prevention of infections made of high-quality cotton 300 metres of string per roll

Eye Brow Wax Strips Women

The unique Andmetics depilatory strips make every eyebrow perfect in only 2 minutes. Exceptionally effective: the hairs are removed at the root and grow back silky smooth only 4 weeks later.


Eyebrow & Eyelash Paint Starter Set Pro

Pro set with all necessities for dyeing eyelashes & eyebrows.
€39,79 €36,95

Cream developer oxidant 50ml

Develop the colour of your eyebrows and/or eyelashes under the best possible conditions and make them stand out, with the brand new Creme Developer by Biosmetics!

Tint Remover 150ml

RefectoCil Tint Remover quickly and gently removes paint stains that have appeared on the skin when tinting eyebrows or eyelashes.

Eyelash Lift Set - 36 treatments

A set to lift your lashes in about 20 minutes. Lifted lashes give your face more expression and your eyes are more striking The result remains visible for up to 6 weeks!

Oxidant 3% liquid 100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% in liquid form for developing the paint. Suitable for 200 treatments.


Eyebrow & Eyelash Dye Starter Set Sensitive

Affordable starter set with all you need for dyeing eyelashes & eyebrows. Sensitive version. Especially for sensitive skin.
€31,85 €24,95


Eyelash & Eyebrow Colour Black 15 gr (1)

Dyes every hair deep black.
€5,95 €5,50


Eyelash & Eyebrow Colour Blonde 15 gr (0)

Eyelash and eyebrow tint Blond
€5,95 €5,50

Soap Booster

Take absolute control: With this Brow Soap + Brush combo, you can achieve any eyebrow look in an instant, whether it's wild, natural or full of glamour.


Oxidant Cream 3% 100 ml

An Oxidant Cream for longer lasting colour on lashes and eyebrows. This oxidant is in cream form and therefore easier to mix with the colour.
€7,65 €5,95


Eyebrow Pomade 7gr.

Waterproof eyebrow pomade in different colours. Lasts all day! In extra large economy pack. 7grams instead of 3,5 grams!
€9,95 €4,95

Eyelash papers booklet 96 pcs.

The RefectoCil eyelash papers serve to protect the skin around the eyes during the tinting process.

Brow Lift Kit

The volume of each individual hair (brows) will be increased by 40%! Suitable for all skin types. The effect lasts up to 7 weeks. For up to 15 applications.

Liquid developer oxidant 6% 50ml

6% Liquid developer for colour development.


Lash & Brow Volumizer, 7ml

With Instant Effects lash & brow volumizer you achieve fuller lashes and eyebrows with immediately visible results
€29,95 €22,95

Eyebrow Trimmer

This high quality eyebrow trimmer is developed with ultra thin blades so you can effortlessly trim unwanted hair.


Eyelash & Eyebrow Colour Blue/Black 15 gr (2)

The blue gloss creates additional colour depth.
€5,95 €5,50

Tint remover 90ml

Intensive Eyelash Paint Remover For gentle removal of excess colour application. Very gentle - yet very effective removal without much rubbing.

Protective cream 75 ml

An oversaturated cream to keep eyelash papers in place. The cream coating also protects the skin from staining and drying out.



Create perfectly shaped eyebrows in seconds. Does not stain and is water-resistant. 2 complementary colours in 1 set.
€28,95 €24,95

Glass eyelash dye tray

Handy glass dish for mixing eyebrow and eyelash paint with oxidant.

Sensitive developer gel

RefectoCil Sensitive developer gel, on a silver nitrate basis, is ideal for fixing RefectoCil Sensitive Color Gel. The developer gel is lightweight and easy to use. This gel does not drip!


Eyelash & Eyebrow Colour Grey 15 gr (1.1)

For a discreet covering of grey/mixed/white hair.
€5,95 €5,50

Eye brows Saline Solution

The innovative Saline Solution from the Austrian cosmetics company RefectoCil is the ideal complement to all high-quality products for the care and coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes.


Perfect Brows Set

Economy set with all you need to create the perfect eyebrows!
€49,85 €38,95

Styling Gel

RefectoCil Styling Gel is a nourishing and moisturising gel for the care of dyed lashes and eyebrows.

Self styling eyelashes & eyebrows

Want to style your own eyelashes and eyebrows? At Browshop you'll find all the products you need to do it yourself. Whether you're looking for the best materials for styling your eyebrows, the finest mascaras, brown or blonde eyebrow and eyelash paint or other style - necessities, you'll find exactly what you're looking for on our website.

Eyebrow waxing and tweezing

Creating beautifully groomed eyebrows starts with the basics, namely: shaping. To achieve a beautiful shape with long-lasting and attractive results, you will have to wax or tweeze them. There are various methods: you can get to work with styling strips, for example, or cotton epilating wire. Men can also work on their eyebrows themselves: Andmetics has special brow wax strips for men. Instructions for using the strips can be found on the product page. 

Eyebrow tinting

After shaping, it's time to dye the eyebrows. In our shop you can buy eyebrow paint for home use or for your salon. Choose from the bestsellers of RefectoCil and Biocosmetics. Mix and match the colors for any desired color, and dye eyelashes and eyebrows like a true professional.

The eyebrow paint is easy to apply. Wondering how to dye your own eyebrows? Then watch the accompanying tutorial video, or read our online instructions.

Eyelashes permanent curl yourself.

Eyelashes permanent curl you can do yourself. Give your lashes a beautiful curl for a bigger eye look. With Eyelash Curl by RefectoCil, lashes stay in their curl for up to 6 weeks. Even the finest lashes stay in place with this product. In addition, the collagen and cysteine ensure that the lashes remain well nourished and cared for.

Combine the curled lashes with a dye treatment, and enjoy a mascara-free existence for weeks! Watch the tutorials or read how you can get started with eyelash styling yourself.