Eyebrow tweezing & hair removal

Coral 750 gr.

Synthetic film wax coral for facial hair removal and brow styling. Does not contain pine resin

Roze Parel 750 gr.

Synthetic film wax Pink Pearl. Does not contain pine resin

Finishing Oil 500ml

Professional afterwax oil that provides perfect care and a perfect finish to the wax treatment.

Tweezers oblique red 1K101

High-quality cosmetic tweezers made of epoxy coating. Red

Scissors tweezers

High-quality scissors tweezers made of first-class stainless steel in a distinctive design

Tweezers angled white

High-quality cosmetic tweezers with angled ends in classic design, made of stainless steel in the colour white.

Tweezers angled pink 1K108

Superior and high-quality cosmetic tweezers made of pink-epoxy coated stainless steel.

Tweezers angled black 1K104

Superior and high-quality cosmetic tweezers made of black-epoxy coated stainless steel.

Epilmatic® automatic tweezers, the original.

Touch up your eyebrows conveniently and quickly with the Epilmatic automatic tweezers.

Tweezers Eyebrows 'Crab'

High-quality cosmetic tweezers made of stainless steel in a classic design with curved tip.

Eyebrow plucking & waxing

Plucking and waxing your own eyebrows? The products from BrowShop will do the job quickly and effortlessly. There are several options for depilation of eyebrows: you can get to work with tweezers, epilating wire, depilating wax and depilating strips. And don't forget about good grooming, which is just as important for happy brows.

Tweezing eyebrows

For real precision work, tweeze your eyebrows with tweezers. The most important thing here is to choose a pair of tweezers that feel comfortable in your hand and which get to grips with even the smallest hairs. Here we have the Hammesfahr Epilmatic or the Rubis Scissors tweezers for example. 

Prefer tweezers that are also eye-catching? We have something for that too! The golden Rubis Tweezers with Swarovksi stone is a real eye-catcher. The classic design with angled tips allows you to get to even the smallest hairs with ease.

Depilatory strips

If you want to go for the rough stuff, then depilatory strips are ideal. The perfectly shaped strips accurately remove unwanted hair. BrowShop has depilatory strips for the face, such as for the eyebrows, lips or ears. But you can also find depilatory strips for the body. The strips are easy to use yourself. Consult the leaflet for more information. 

Eyebrow wax 

Eyebrow wax is also suitable for shaping the eyebrows. The premium synthetic wax from our shop has a low melting temperature. This makes this eyebrow wax exactly the right temperature for the skin around the eyebrow. For extra protection of the skin you can apply the Andmetics Brow Protection powder before waxing.

Care before and after depilation

With good care before and after depilation you can prevent the eyebrows from becoming irritated or red. For example, start by cleansing the skin with the Andmetics Micellar Water, then treat the eyebrows with the protection powder and provide the perfect finishing touch after waxing with the Andmetics Finishing Oil. Hello, perfect brows!