• ItalWax Glowax Face Wax Set

Glowax Face Wax Set

Italwax Glowax Set is an innovative concept for facial hair removal, suitable for both home and professional use.
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Facial hair removal

For the record: Facial hair in women is very common, completely natural, and can be triggered by certain medications or hormonal changes - and you shouldn't feel like you need to do anything about it. But if you do choose to remove it, the Glowax Set is here to help. 

Sure, you can go to a skin care specialist for electrolysis or laser treatments, but a much more affordable and less time-consuming option is to use at-home products. But with so many hair removal creams, waxes and tools on the market, how do you find the best one for your skin? "The most important thing is to choose a well-known brand and proceed with caution. In our case, we choose the brand Italwax. 

Glowax Facial Wax Set

Italwax has launched the latest home wax concept for face, easy to use, with exceptional results quickly. Watch the video below!

Italwax Glowax Set offers a range of benefits such as:

  • Time optimization: the set contains all products necessary for a professional treatment at home.
  • Full Video Tutorial: Using the QR code, you can refer to the hair removal video, which is made to make the waxing experience unique, fun and painless.
  • Excellent value for money: the set contains 2 sachets of Glowax glitter film wax of 80 g each, the ideal amount for more than 30 waxes of upper lip hair.
  • Italian quality: 100% wax heater made in Italy, specially made for use with Italwax film wax.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin: Cherry Pink - a new member of our film wax family, with multidirectional application. Its unique and sparkling composition, free from natural resins, makes it perfect even for the most sensitive and skin prone to redness.
  • Product refills available

What makes Italwax Glowax Set the perfect choice for professionals?

  • The complete system for hygienic hair removal treatments:
  • Disposable capsules for a 100% hygienic waxing procedure.
  • Compact and handy wax warmer designed for small area hair removal procedures.
  • Ideal for beauticians who wax mobile at the customer's home (easy to transport and store).

The set includes :

  • 1 wax heater,
  • 1 power cord,
  • 1 removable aluminum capsule (already placed in the wax heater),
  • 2 bags of hot film wax in granules,
  • 2 bags of cosmetic talcum powder,
  • 1 bottle of "prewax gel",
  • 1 bottle of "hair growth inhibiting after wax emulsion",
  • 20 wooden disposable spatulas "Medium",
  • 10 disposable wooden spatulas "Eyebrows",
  • 1 leaflet,
  • 2 bags of "wax warmer cleaning wipes".


The package contains 5 removable aluminum capsules, which must be placed in the wax heater before the Glowax granules are poured into it. Important: never use the wax heater without the removable cup; the device can be damaged and the wax can overheat


The package contains 50 disposable wooden spatulas, ideal for depilation of the upper lip, sideburns, temples.


The package contains 50 disposable wooden spatulas, ideal for shaping eyebrows with wax.

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